Jamie van Dam

Jamie van Dam is a graduate of the 2004 - 2007 Victoria Feldenkrais Teacher Training where he studied with many well respected Feldenkrais trainers; Jeff Haller, Jerry Karzen, Beatriz Walterspiel, Alan Questel, Katrin Smithback and Bonnie Humiston. Under their guidance and insight he completed the 800 hour training program. He studied topics ranging from the nature of awareness to functional, developmental & structural movement to the self image and its development to the principles and strategies of learning to self -use and to be connected to others through kindness and awareness.

Jamie brings to his Feldenkrais classes a relaxed, open, kind and spacious presence due to all the learning and contemplating through the patience, kindness and pristine clarity of Lama Mark.

Previous to his Feldenkrais studies, Jamie began studying Buddha Dharma and meditation with Lama Mark Webber and the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche. He was Lama Mark’s personal attendant for five years starting in January 2001, traveling with him worldwide to many retreats and teachings. Lama Mark supported him to teach awareness through movement classes to his students in retreat within the first year of Jamie's Feldenkrais studies.

From thereon Jamie has continued to be an attendant to Lama Mark, occasionally assist in his scientific research, be his teacher's assistant in Movement lessons during meditation retreats and has for a number years combined classes of Dharma and Feldenkrais.

Jamie has completed a number of short and multi-month retreats both self-directed and under the guidance of Lama Mark.